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Two Rubber Tracks Fits Bobcat S330 450X86X60 18" Q Tread

Two Rubber Tracks Fits Bobcat S330 450X86X60 18" Q Tread

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 Rubber Tracks 

Bobcat S330

 Guaranteed to fit

Industry Best Warranty

Design & Construction

Tread Designs  -RTA tread design for this type of track matches that of the OEM tread. Over years of testing, this tread pattern has proven to increase durability when compared to other tread designs by reducing the force on the weak and higher stress points around the tread.

Kevlar Belt Core - RTA began to try and make a non-metal core track in 2006. After years of testing we found the best way to make this track was to form the track around a central Kevlar belt core. This design provided unparalleled strength in this type of track.

Rubber Compound - RTA has developed a rubber compound blending process that is unique in the industry. The Rubber we use contains virgin rubber, carbon black, and many other compounds, and materials to aid in the strength, and durability of our Kevlar non-steel core rubber tracks.

This formula also significantly minimized the chunking and cut damage caused by sharp objects. This increases the lifespan of the track and reduces the chance premature breakage.

Rubber Compounds:

As the primary ingredient in rubber tracks, be sure the rubber used is not only high-quality rubber but also combines that with the right rubber compounds. RTA uses a special rubber compound formula the ensure the track resist chunking and cuts while still providing excellent traction where you need it.

Kevlar Belt Core:

ASV, Terex, and some Caterpillar Compact Tracks Loaders use a non-metal core rubber track. In the OEM and RTA non-metal core rubber track, the rubber is molded around a Kevlar belt core which has been proven to resist stretching and provide unmatched durability.

Tread Pattern Design:

For the non-metal core rubber tracks, the OEM tread pattern provides not only excellent traction for multiple applications but is also integral to the strength to Kevlar Belt Core Rubber Tracks. For this reason, DuroForce uses this identical tread pattern



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